Earth to Urban Local Food Hub is a community of businesses focused on building a local food system and economy.  Located in Oklahoma City's Farmers Market District. 

Together we work cooperatively to get food that is grown, raised, preserved and produced in Oklahoma to our surrounding neighbors.  Bringing food from the earth to the urban.  Providing fresh from the farm, bakery and kitchen wholesome products to consumers through our retail market, online website and mobile markets. And from in the kitchen Utilizing these wholesome ingredients to preserve and process a wide variety of value-added products.  Providing our urban community convenience and variety selection from the earth and the kitchen. Providing the farmers alternative ways to tell their story, supply  the community with their products and stay on the farm doing what they love to do, produce food.

 The Earth to Urban Facility is home to three unique businesses.      
Urban Agrarian Local Food Market, 
Featuring a selection of Oklahoma Grown, Raised, Made and Preserved products from farms and businesses across the state.             
"E3K" Earth Elements Entrepreneurs' Kitchen

A Commercial Kitchen for Rent. 
Providing a state licensed kitchen, mentoring and business assistance for start up food manufactures working to achieve their dreams .

Earth Elements Farm Foods.      
We utilize the OKC kitchen to preserve and process local produce. 
We produce all of our Canned goods and frozen produce there as well.
All baked and assembled goods are produced on the farm in the Strawbale Bakery then transported to the OKC facility for inventory and distribution.
Our office is located in the E2U facility.

Earth Elements Entrepreneur's Kitchen is also home to a variety of food producers who make their producers in the kitchen and sell their products in the market.


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There are many people who have helped make this possible. 
To all of you, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.
The Earth to Urban Team is working hard with pride and passion.
Striving to making a difference, doing some good for the community surrounding us  and helping to build a strong community.
   Your support makes this possible.
Special Thank you to Katie Kerr for helping us record an exciting adventure one jar and squash at a time.   Beautiful Product Photos by Katie Kerr Photography.
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